Professional Background

Brian W. Morris, President
R.I.B.A. (A.R.C.U.K.), I.I.D.A.
FL. I.D. license #00433
Morris Design Group USA, Inc.

After graduating from the Leicester School of Architecture in England, Brian W. Morris became a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1968 and is registered with prestigious Architects Registration Council of the United Kingdom. He is also a member of the International Interior Design Association of the United States. President of Morris Design Group USA, Morris maintains South Florida as his home base and his office. He has had numerous projects published in many magazines over the last 20 years and has been featured on national television.

Over the years Morris’ projects have included many multiple luxury Hi-rise developments throughout the South Florida area, throughout the USA and internationally.

Firm Background

Morris Design Group USA is an exceptional blending of unique, intrinsic design talents, distinct purchasing competence and rare production expertise.

Principal, Brian Morris, in combination with a team of highly-experienced designers and specialized production staff members are prepared to create “complete design” for any client request ranging from condominium projects, hotels and resorts, specialty restaurants, private yachts and cruise ship interiors, to luxurious residential interiors. Past projects have even included both private and public hospitals, synagogues and churches, year round ski resorts and country clubs.

From its Palm Beach offices, Morris Design Group USA dispatches crews for design planning and production locally, nationally, and internationally. Morris Design Group USA has been responsible for projects in sites throughout North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

With the firm’s philosophy that every design problem requires its own solution and that a design should never be an imitation or extension of an old idea, Morris Design Group USA considers all design aspects: floors, ceilings and lighting to achieve the correct architectural spatial feeling. Much of the furniture purchased is custom designed by the firm and then custom-built by select furniture houses under close supervision by Morris Design Group USA.

Though each project requires a totally different and personalized approach, all Morris Design Group USA designs have one thing in common – they generate a complete thoroughness. Each design aspect supports the main theme. Frequently, millwork, doorknobs, lighting fixtures, security and electrical systems, china patterns, linens, logos and graphics are custom-designed within the overall design plans. Artwork, sculptures and fabrics are personally selected to complement Morris Design Group USA design concepts. The firm meets regularly with its clients; its principal alone designs and drafts each project and works closely with the contractors to insure successful completion of each individualized design concept.

Morris Design Group USA is a full-service interior design firm. Its services include consultation, complete design planning, purchasing, production and installation.

For each client, basic format and scheme boards are prepared for approval and budgeting and a control book of all furniture, fittings and wall covering is developed for efficient purchasing purposes.

It should be noted that all firm/client meetings, design plans, production and budgets are held in strictest confidence by the firm. Morris Design Group USA prides itself in respecting the wishes and privacy of all established and prospective clients.